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mbanck's Journal
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Sunday, May 30th, 2004
1:48 pm
The end of student life
I handed in my Diplomarbeit on Friday which marks the end of my studies. It was pretty stressing for the last three of four weeks, particularly since I got ill last weekend. Thursday evening was rather long as expected, I checked in the last changes at around 0:30 AM, read through the whole thing once more and started printing it out afterwards. Unfortunately, the color laser printer made problems and it took ages for it to cancel jobs. Just when I gave up hope and decided to print it out in black and white, the color printer decided to play nice again. The last page left the printer at 4 AM.

Since then, I mostly relaxed and hacked away a bit, trying to get better. I also tidied up my room for the first time in weeks and finally finished the first part of Victor Klemperer's diaries (1933-1941), which I have been reading infrequently for several years now.

During the last month, I only did a couple of noteworthy things. I have seen Pirates of the Carribean at the TU-Film with Ulrich, Suzette, Andrea and Gabi. It was a great film with a great Johnny Depp. I was at Chris' birthday party on May 5th, which was quite fun. I met Andy and Benny again and also a friend of Chris from France I did not know yet. I was happy to speak a bit french with him.

Monday, April 19th, 2004
6:04 pm
Big Fish
Last tuesday I watched the english version of Big Fish together with Andrea, her mother, Gisela, Bernadette and her maroccanian boyfriend. Incidently, I've seen Sleepy Hollow for the first and Amelie for the nth time last weekend, so I guess I was well prepared for a Tim Burton film of that type. I arrived a bit late at the cinema and got increasingly worried when I was unable to find the others, but finally Andrea's mother (who I never met before I believe, though she looked vaguely familiar) figured out that I was probably the 'big guy running around looking for somebody' and told me the others were late.

The film was really fantastic and I enjoyed it very much. The special effects seemed to fit perfectly into the movie and story was told in a way only Tim Burton can I guess. Still, after considering it a bit, I think I like Amelie better, although probably mostly because it has more of a 'save the world' instead 'tell nice stories' type of message.

After the film, we did not take the subway immediatly but walked for a bit. I had a conversation with Bernadette's boyfriend in french, it was nice speaking a bit of french again. At one point I was telling Andrea what happened over easter and mentioned that I know Marcus for about 25 years now. She didn't believe me at first and then was quite shocked when I told her I am really 27 years old. I know her for more than two years now so I was a bit surprised she did not know how old I am. On the other hand, being judged younger than what really is the case is not so bad after all.

Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
2:04 am
Salmon of Doubt
Over easter, I finally read the last book by Douglas Adams, 'Salmon of Doubt'. I already knew that 'Salmon of Doubt' was actually only a part of the book, but I was still sort of surprised to find out it's just one quarter of it at most.

The biggest part of the book is comprised of miscellaneous writings by Adams, mostly about atheism, Macintosh computers (or computers in general), endangered species or science (and evolution in particular). They are all extremely well written and worth a read, albeit citing themselves a bit towards the end. Nobody does it like Adams, when he presents a common-day situation (or a complety uncommon situation, for that matter) in a completely new light and with almost neverending wit.

The actual title story is, as I wrote above, rather short. And also ending quite apruptly (which is not very surprising, coming to think about how the book was actually assembled). Before I bought the book, I was under the impression that it was another Hitchhiker's Guide book, but a Dirk Gently story suits me just as well, having recently read the first book. In the end, I guess 'the Salmon of Doubt' would have been a brilliant book, if Adams had the time to finish it (or at least have a first draft of it). But in the form presented in the book, I was rather a bit unhappy about the various story lines not getting together and interweaving themselves as I'm used to from the other books. This did not change the general impression I got from the book as a whole, namely that reading it is sheer fun and that Apple really 'lost it's most eloquent apologist'. Too bad.

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
2:10 am
Back from the easter holidays in the far north of Bavaria (or, rather, Franconia), where my grand-mother lives. As usual, I ate way too much, but at least I sticked to my new strategy of not even bothering to eat breakfast. As I had lost a couple of kilos for some mysterious reason during the last two months anyway, I should be alright, and food is just too good over there.

The big thing was meeting my old friend Marcus on Easter Sunday for more than a 'Hi, how are you?' after the yearly christmas service. He was at a pub up the hill with a couple of friends, and I manage to get a ride there and had a few beers with him. We were talking about the good old times when I used to spend about two to three months a year (almost all of school holidays, usually) at my grand-mother and we were doing sports and having fun in general the whole day, interrupted with having good (and plenty of) food. These days, he's become a ranger and married (and apparently, he's also about to become a father, although he only mentioned that in passing). He also talked about his work (shooting deer and wild pigs) for quite a bit, as well as the local music bands which will play during the yearly big event, namely the Schuetzenfest. That's were I figured out that we've got seperated with our interests quite considerably (actually, I figured that out about ten years ago, when I mentioned I had bought a new computer game and he mentioned he sold his Schneider Home Computer. At least, that was the beginning of it), because he talked about cover bands playing tents packed with people in the surrounding villages, which, err, does not match my view of a nice concert nowadays. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet his wife which was supposed to pick him up at eleven, as I managed to get on another ride home with two of his friends. But in the end, I was delighted to see him again, and I hope to come back to the Schuetzenfest in July, although that might be quite miniscule compared to the Oktoberfest.

I was largely astonished that I managed to travel smoothly from Munich to Ludwigsstadt and back, albeit the five times I had to change trains. I got all of them with no problems, which is a major accomplishment in Germany. But on the way back, a miracle happenend: Arriving in Munich, the train was five minutes early!. Of course, the subway just departed in front of me, so I got to walk home and at half past midnight, five minutes don't really mean much, but still.

Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
7:52 pm
The purple one
I was browsing the net today for some news of Prince. Actually, I am not quite sure why I would have looked for news in the first place, as I bought N.E.W.S. (his all-instrumental CD) a couple of weeks ago and got the brilliant, breathtaking 'One Nite alone' triple-Live-CD as a present for my birthday only last weekend. So I guess I should rather be busy listening to those ground-breaking works, but I was at the uni and I probably wanted to read some reviews of the above.

Anyway, I was absolutely thrilled to find out that Prince is going to release a new CD this month, and that he's got a major deal with Sony now. Even more fantastic was the news that he's on a big concert tour around the United States right now, playing his big songs for the last time. And the reviews were all enthousiastic.

I just hope he'll stop by Germany later on. I usually pay between 10 and 20 Euros for concerts I go to, making an exception only once when I went to see Prince play in Frankfurt in 2000 for about three times that price. And I would do it again, no doubt, should he decide come here.

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