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Nice Weekend

The weekend kicked off with visit to the beergarden in Garching with some people from my research group, Wolfgang Eisfeld, Andreas Motzke, Andreas Markmann and Mehdi Bounar. The weather was really nice, but it was getting a bit cold after the sun set and I only had a sweatshirt with me. Nevertheless, I stayed until around 10 PM because it was quite funny and relaxing. The table behind us had about a dozen people probably from the university as well. It looked like it was one of the guys' birthday, at least new people arriving brought small presents along. At one point, he got up and was about to deliver a speech. As he was standing only about a metre away from (apparently) his girlfriend, and she looked up expectingly to him, I mentioned "Is he going to propose to her?". The other guys at my table laughed quite a bit at it, which he noticed, so he greeted us as well, as he was not past the welcome greeting yet. Andreas Markmann then said "We just thought you might propose now" which caught him so much off guard (and his girlfriend as well) and instantly killed his speech that I later thought he might have really had that in mind and I was feeling a bit sorry for him.

On Saturday, I first went to the university for a bit and then decided to go outside as long as the sun was shining (local rainshowers were forecast), so I went to the Aumeister Beergarden to have a Mass of Radler and read a bit further in my current Philip Roth novel. It turned out that I was lucky and a Jazz band was playing in the beergarden as well, which provided for some pleasent background music while reading. In the evening, I went to the Backstage together with Andreas Markmann where the semi finals of the `Emergenza' band competition took place. Andreas went to the previous round last weekend and apparently liked it so we decided to go again. Eight bands played (we missed the first) for 25 minutes each, the music was reggae, independent and hardrock. The gigs were alright, but some of them lacked enthusiasm a bit. The hardrock was really loud, though, I had to retreat to the back of the place while Andreas was busy poshing around in front the stage. After the band competition the regular saturday `Freak Out' party started and we danced for a long time to the music (mainly independent, with some rock, hiphop or pop exceptions) until we called it quits at around 5 AM. This was the first time in quite a while that I went to bed after sunrise. It was a great night, but I was left with an unsettling mute combined with a high-pitched noise in my ear.

Naturally, I had a hard time getting into gear on Sunday. Around 3 PM I finally decided that enough is enough and went to the Englischer Garten to read a bit more, eyeing the clouds suspiciously every once in a while. The sund was mostly gone by 4:30, so I went to the Pinakothek der Moderne for half an hour of more reading in the current `Ort und Erinnerung - Nationalsozialismus in Muenchen' exhibition. I have been to this one for the third time now (never managed to have more than 30 minutes before they closed), but there is a lot of information, I still haven't read half of it. It is a bit strange to have this thorough exhibition on the history of Munich's involvement in national socialism in the architecture section of the Pinakothek der Moderne, but apparently the directory of that section is very committed to this part of the city's history and no other place (like the Stadtmuseum?) could be found until now. After being brushed out by the grumpy museum guards a couple of minutes early, I went on to watch Bundeliga in a pub while having a Weissbier. After that I decided walk by the Volktheater to see whether there were any tickets left for the Tuesday or Thursday shows of their `Radikal Jung' festival, which features half a dozen productions by young directors from all over germany. I already tried that on Saturday for Sunday's `Die Leiden des jungen Werther' (which started the festival), but it was sold out already. So I was pleasantly surprised that just when it was about to be my place in the queue, one of the officials announced that they decided to sell tickets for the first row (they wanted to leave it empty due to slight sight restrictions) for 6 EUR each (due to those sight restrictions). The sight restrictions were not severe at all (or any different to the second row, really) and the production rocked literally, having a live drummer (and occasional guitars) and featuring a couple of Nirvana songs (and a Kurt Cobain lookalike as Werther). The audience discussion with the director was quite interesting afterwards and cleared up a couple of questions I unconsciously had, I need to see whether it is still getting played at its original location, the Schauspiel Frankfurt.

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