mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

From Christmas to New Year and beyond

I spent christmas at my grand mother together with my family (like every year).
I left early on Monday though, in order to drive back to Frankfurt and meet with
my friends at the Joe Peña in Frankfurt (like every year), which was really

It took us quite a lot of time to figure out what to do in order to celebrate
New Year's. Finally, we decided (only a couple of hours early, like every year)
to join Taka, his sister Manami and Bille, as well as a couple of their friends
eating Raclette at their place in Frankfurt. Tina and Patricia went to a party
in Seligenstadt and Oli was in Darmstadt, so 'we' consisted of Tobi, Anna, Marco
and me. The Raclette was very nice and afterwards we walked to the Main queues.
We passed by the Hauptwache and the Römer, which was a rather bad move, as a lot
of people had already started to shoot up fireworks, and not always towards the
sky. Nevertheless, we made it relatively safe and on-point to the Eiserner Steg
and watched the fireworks and celebrated. Afterwards, Marco left us and we went
back to Taka's place to play some games and party on.

On second of January, Patricia celebrated her birthday at the 'Eat Men Drink
Women' Bar in Frankfurt, which was very nice as well. We even decided to go out
clubbing afterwards and hit the Kinkamehameha Club until they dropped us all
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