mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

Organizing Life

Over the last few weeks I managed to mostly get my life organized and on track again, after some months of rather not doing anything in particular. I had already decided to stay both in Munich and with the same research group I did my master thesis in a while ago (turning down the other opportunities was pretty hard to do), but then got dragged away with other stuff and the impossibility of finding a new apartment in Munich.

First, I got my car repaired so that I was able to drive bigger distances again without fearing of it breaking down. I had to replace two tires and one of the front wheel bearings. Then, I finally fetched my diploma certificate, making it all official. The next item was harder - finding a new place to live. Initially, things looked a bit better than four years ago when I first came to Munich looking for a room. However, those first offerings did not quite suit me, so I decided to look for something else. Within time, I got more and more dragged into the easily anticipated stream of first year students looking for a place as well. Sometimes, I was inspecting a room together with half a dozen other people, usually just leaving my number without hope of ever being called back. I was lucky one time with a guy whose girlfriend went to Sudan for Aerzte ohne Grenzen. We talked for about an hour at his place (which was located in central Schwabing) which was really nice. However, the room was only up for a limited amount of time, so I finally let that pass as well when he offered it to me.

In the end, everything turned out well when Luca phoned me and proposed to start a WG together with him and Florian, one of his colleagues. I gladly accepted and we found a pretty big flat in Ruemannstrasse (right at the crossing of the Petuel tunnel and Leopoldstrasse). The rooms are not that big, but we have a huge living room and two small bathrooms, along with a long balcony which goes around the whole apartment. I more or less moved in there last Friday and since then transferred most of my belongings. However, I need to buy furniture soon.

One nice consequence of all this was that I went home to Frankfurt two weeks ago for the first time without any trouble about what job to do next or where to live next week, which was very refreshing.

Last Thursday I signed my contract and sweared an oath on the bavarian constitution (by the help of god) to be a good public employee and early this week I manged to submit the papers for my inscription as Ph.D. student. So everything should be settled by now, I just need to report my new address at a couple of official places and we need to get the internet access at our new flat sorted out.

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