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So the Wiesn is over for a couple of days now. I have been there four times, and drank a bit more than two Maß on average, which is more than last year (when I was studying for exams) but less than two years ago (when I did not have anything to do, and friends from Austria and England visited me). The first time I went to the Wiesn was on Wednesday, together with my housemates. Anderl, Bene, Markus and me walked to the Theresienwiese and we met Alex and Martin in the Schottenhamel, who were already quite drunk. We managed to get some space on the neighbor table and some time later Alexej and Clement arrived as well. The people we shared the table with were pretty nice and we had a lot of fun dancing on the tables.

The second time I was going there with the guys from university. I had met Luca and Flo earlier and we decided to meet again in the Schottenhamel, together with Luxi and some others from their research group. When I entered the tent, I bumped into Chris by accident, which was a very pleasant surprised. We had not met in months and it was great to see him again. As he was standing in the corridor with a couple of friends, I decided to look for Luxi first in order to get some beer. I found him pretty quickly, Moni (I guess they are officially together by now), Luca and Flo were around as well, and downed a beer there partying. After buying a second beer, I went back to Chris, were Andi had arrived as well. We had some more fun there and then went to table together. The others were leaving by now though, so I joined them and we went to an Australian Karaoke bar near the Stachus. After another wheat beer, I finally went home.

The third time I went together with Ulrich and Bene last Friday. Ulrich actually boasted he would spent all Thursday at the Oktoberfest, after submitting his Magister thesis. However, as usual, he did not go to the Wiesn that day. I was mildly surprised when he decided to really come around and go to the Wiesn with us on Friday, as it rained quite heavily that afternoon. Anyway, we only arrived at around 5:30 PM, so all tents were closed already. As the weather was quite nice though, we decided to take a seat in the Biergarten of the Augustiner tent. Suzette was later coming around as well, and it was pretty funny (especially watching all the teenagers getting drunk and trying to evade security or score with the other sex). Afterwards, we went to Schwabing and had another beer at the Filou. I had not eaten anything since noon, so I was getting pretty drunk and Bene and I decided to sleep at Ulrich's place. At first, we did not really intended to actually stay, but as soon as I lay on the sofa, I was so tired I could not be bothered to get up again.

Originally, I had planned to go to the Oktoberfest again together with my sister Sabine and her friend Ester on Saturday, but it turned out the girls were up all night until around 9 AM. As most of the tents reportedly shut their doors before 10 AM already, there was no way to get in. So we decided to come again on Sunday morning.

Sunday was less crowded so we managed to easily get into the Paulaner tent and make good use of the food and beer coupons Ester had brought along. Two Maß later (the girls shared two Radler-Maß during that time), we decided to go over to the Schottenhamel, in order to show Sabine some real Oktoberfest atmosphere. Somebody from Ester's job (she worked at Universal Studios while she was in Munich for half a year) had booked a table, so we had another Maß there and did some basic dancing on the tables. I tried to look out for Luxi, but could not find him, so I finally left the Wiesn at around 4:30 PM for this year. Just a pity that I only met Ester now when she was about to leave Munich again, it was pretty funny.

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