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I was at a funeral yesterday, which was a less than pleasant experience, considered that the one who died was younger than me. Stefan Schwab, who was living just next door to Bene and me, had a climbing accident and fell into a coma afterwards. About a week ago, he was declared dead and so we (Markus, Martin and Alexej represented, Anderl, Hasi and me came along) drove to Augsburg.

I was really overwhelmed by the amount of people at the funeral, about 300 people attended. The priest seemed to have known Stefan quite well, he said he had talked to him only days before the accident and was obviously very touched. I also was deeply touched by the service, even though I did not know Stefan as well as I would have liked. He always made an extremely nice impression to me, and everybody who voiced their opinions during the funeral said the same.

During the service, I became quite thoughtful on one matter. It became evident to me that I missed an opportunity to get to know better an exceptional mind and I wondered how many other opportunities I am missing out. For example, how more often will I see my grand-mother? Other people I hold dear, but lost track of? Also, this moment of sadness (and it was a very sad moment indeed) also made me aware that I should spend more time just thinking. These days, I am almost never idle, except perhaps while driving (and then I usually listen to good music).

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