mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

Hanging out with the colleagues

I've been hanging out with my former student colleagues this week. On Monday, Luxi called and told me he'd be at Murphys's, an Irish Pub in Schwabing, that evening. When I arrived, Lucas was already there and we had a nice chat before Luxi and Monica (who more and more look and behave like a couple) came along. We had quite a few beers (I preferred regular Munich beer this time, Guinness is pretty expensive and I don't like it that much anyway) so I don't recall in detail what the conversation was about, but it sure felt good to meet Luxi and especially Lucas again.

On Wednesday, I first had a nice dinner with Ulrich and Suzette at his place, where Suzette cooked up some marvelous asian food. We had some red wine for dinner and watched the first half of a football game. Later on, I went to the Englischer Garten where I met Sören and Andrea together with Bernie and Stephan. We laid down in the grass on the hill below the Monopteros (which I had never really noticed before; Andrea could not stop laughing about the name when she tried to tell where to go over the phone) and drank some beers and had a small picnic. I had not seen Sören in quite a while (and neither, relatively spoken, Andrea). The weather was still really good and it was extremely nice to lie there and overlook the english garden. Talking to Sören was fun like always, Andrea and Bernie had one of their giggling days though.

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