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Thursday was one of those cool, laid-back days. Ulrich came at around half past 10 and we went to fetch a greek friend of him calles Nicolaus who is in a priest seminar in Rome from the airport. The two discussed the intrigues and excesses of the italian clerics on the way back. We then had dinner in a nearby indian restaurant, which was quite nice. Nicolaus explained to us in a funny way the content of one of his subjects, namely 'Heiligenkunde'. The laws and politics surrounding how people get declared blessed or holy are quite strange and awkward indeed.

Later that day I relaxed on the meadow behind the Glyptothek with Bene and read a bit. At one point, Ulrich called and we decided to play soccer in the english garden at 8 PM. It was still very hot though, and a lot of insects were there as well, which limited the fun a small bit. Still, we played quite well against a group of random people, although we lost in the end.

Saturday was one of the rare days when I maintained a steady level of alcohol over about 12 hours. Christoph, Ulrich, Suzette and me bought a Bayernticket took the train to Augsburg. One member of our student's association celebrated his 40th anniversary of becoming a priest and we represented there. We arrived at the Kolpinghaus (where most of the party took place), had a small meal and a beer and then went to the holy service in the cathedral, which was mostly centered around the guy with the anniversary though. However, afterwards, there was a free (and quite good) buffet back at the Kolpinghaus, so we ate a lot and had a few beers with three guys from a local student's association who also attended the service. We then made a trip through town with the others, stopping at their house for another beer and watching the Tour de France a bit. We then continued our tour and visited the 'Fuggerei', the first social housing program in europe, established in 1521 by a family of rich merchants. People can still live there for practically nothing with the reservation that they be poor catholic citizens of Augsburg and that they pray for this family once a day. Later on, we had another beer in a nice biergarten and then another one on the train back (where we managed to annoy a woman with our conversation who wanted to sleep) and another one at home.

Ulrich, Suzette and me then decided to go to the 'Schwabinger Strassenfest' and walked all the way from Königsplatz to Münchner Freiheit. At one point, we met somebody Suzette knew and they said it had rained pretty badly in Munich the afternoon (we had virtually no rain in Augsburg), so we figured that the Strassenfest had been moved to the next weekend. Nevertheless, there was a private street party in the backyard of the house Ulrich lives in, where we had another beer. As we still had the Bayernticket, we decided to take the tube to the Feierwerk and go to the Orangehouse. Unfortunately, we managed to get out at the wrong exit and make a huge detour until we finally reached the Feierwerk. At this point Ulrich was already quite upset and his mood did not rise when we found out only a couple of people were at Clubrocken. The music was really cool as always and Suzette and me danced for a bit, but after having a last beer, we decided to go home.

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