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On Tuesday I went to the university in order to attend the group seminar and talk to my supervisor about some matters, most notably what to do in Thursday's tutorial. When I got there I found out that there was no group seminar this week and that my supervisor had gone on vacation for a week that morning. Things were looking better again when I discovered that the GDCh Jungchemikerforum took place later that day. There are GDCh talks almost every Tuesday, but the last one is always organized by the students and free beer and bavarian food is served afterwards, so they are usually one of the few social highlights at the Garching campus. I spent most of the afternoon surfing and/or hacking, until my mother phoned me at some point, again having problems with the new DSL internet connection at their house. It took me quite a while to get this fixed over the phone, so I was too late for the talk. Luckily, I made it in time for the subsequent buffet, where I got the last portion of potato salad and some Leberkäse. There were quite a few less people than usually, so there was enough beer left, however. I met Jan (and Denise) there for the first time in a while and had a nice conversation with him. Later on, I met Bennie and Luxi and we drank some more beer together until we three were the last people around. I again agreed with Bennie that we definitely should play Tennis soon. Afterwards, I stayed at the uni until 10:30 PM, when I finally figured out it would be safe to drive home. When I came home, I found out that it was Anderls 21st birthday at midnight and we celebrated that with even more beer to round off the day.
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