mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

Hans-Jochen Vogel

On Monday, Dr. Hans-Jochen Vogel, former minister of justice and head mayor of Munich came to a dialog to our student's association. Anderl conducted the conversation for about an hour. Mr. Vogel gratefully answered his questions in detail, telling stories of his life which were always interesting and often quite funny. Afterwards, the audience (unfortunately fewer and far older in average than expected) asked questions as well. Of course, Ulrich had to come up with a completely impossible to understand question, wrapped into a five minute monologue starting with Aristotle and going nowhere. Hans-Jochen Vogel really was an impressive personality and made some most inspiring points.

Afterwards, we set together on the second floor (Mr. Vogel even came around for a beer and a bit of conversation), desperately trying to cut down on the volume of the "Bowle", the consumption of which we hopelessly overestimated. I had a nice conversation with an american girl called Angela Anderl met at Siemens and later on we all sang a couple of tunes together. It was great fun.

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