mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

Kill Bill, booze and a sunburn

So the first weekend in July is over. I had planned to start looking for a Ph.D. position by the end of June, but it seems real life has others plans for me. On friday, I finally watched the Kill Bill double feature at the Museum Lichtspiele together with Bene. What can I say. Sure, volume 1 has some overly violent scenes, especially when Beatrix takes on the Crazy 88, but already this part is so much on top of all the other feature films in terms of dialogs, pace, depth and acting. However, volume 2 is pretty much at the peak of film-making. Dan Carradine as Bill is just mind-blowing, and the final duel between him and Beatrix is miles away from your average Hollywood film. Another favorite of mine were the scenes with Beatrix and her Kung-Fu master. I was too skeptical to watch volume 1 back then, being pointed at all the violence, but looking at the whole picture, Quentin Tarantino did it again.

On Saturday, I went to the Kunstbau and Lenbachhaus together with Bene, Ulrich and Suzette for the Picasso exhibition, which was very nice. In the evening, I went to a party at Luxi's place. Also present were Janine, Mucki, Nele, Alex, Flo (together with his girlfriend) and a spanish student from Janine's and Flo's research group. We drank a lot of beer (the others drank something called 'scharfer Schnaps' as well) and had a very good time. Later, Luxi, Flo, his girlfriend, the spanish girl and I went to the Schwabinger 7 to finish off the day. I was back at home by quarter to four.

On sunday, we decided to go to Lake Starnberg in order to enjoy the good weather. Despite a hangover, I drove there with Anderl, Bene, Ulrich and Suzette. Markus, Martin and Alex followed later on. It was the first time this year I exposed myself to the sun for a considerable amount of time and I got a bad sunburn from it, I guess my sun-cream skills were not on par. We played some football bare-footed on the grass there as well, it was great fun.

In the evening, we went to the Newman house (where Albi, a friend of Bene and Clemens, lives) to watch the final match of the European Championships. After the match, Bene, Hannes and I walked over to the Leopoldstraße and watched the greek population of Munich celebrate together with the rest of us. I did not know that so many greeks were living here, it was a great party.

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