mbanck (mbanck) wrote,

One month later

So I have been hanging around for a month now, relaxing and having fun. I went home to Frankfurt twice, the first time meeting with my old-time friends Sven (who is doing a Ph.D. in Edinburgh right now), Takanori and Andi (who have finished their studies in medicine and are working in hospitals in Fulda and Ludwigshafen, respectively) on July 6th. I believe this was the first time we four met all together since the 90s. Of course, it was great to see them again, especially Andi, with whom I did not have contact for a long time. Initially, Andi wanted to visit me in Munich, but when we found out that Sven was coming to the Ober-Roden on the occasion of his mother's birthday and Taka would be around, too, we quickly decided to meet in the Gerbermühle in Frankfurt, an Äbbelwoi-Garten.

The second time was before and after two trips to Aachen and Karlsruhe, when I stayed a couple of days at home. During the stay I met another old friend of mine, Michaela, together with Tobi, Oli, Marco, Tina, Anna, Taka, Bille and Patricia in a Bar in Frankfurt. Michaela studied Psychology at the university of Vienna and is now employed there. I haven't seen her in at least five years, after finishing school we wrote a couple of very nice mails back and forth, but the contact unfortunately petered out at some point.

I went to Aachen with Tina from Sunday to Tuesday (June 20th to 22nd). We were lucky to stay at the house of her late grand-mother, as her uncle and cousins had already torn out most of it in order to completely renovate it. Aachen is a very nice city, I was especially impressed by the cathedral, which was built in the 8th century and was considered to be the most magnificent building north of the Alps at that time. After Aachen, I went to LinuxTag for four days, meeting friends and generally having a good time.

In Munich, I finally went clubbing again with Andrea and Bernie, once to Ring the Alarm at the Backstage and once to Phatbeatz at the Club 4. The music was actually pretty similar in both clubs, but I think I like the atmosphere and the attendance at the Backstage better. Other fun stuff included going to the Leopold-Straßenfest with the two girls, going to the Garnix festival a couple of times, having a superb barbecue at the Isar and attending a football tournament with my housemates.

I also spent a lot of time watching the European Soccer Championships at various locations and with various people and beverages. Finally, we had a cocktail party at the student's association on June, 18th. I don't have much recollection of this evening except that it rocked pretty hard, that I managed to get a couple of my favorite tracks into the playlist and that I drank a couple of Bacardi-Cokes too much.

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